Welcome to the 3rd Annual AZ Children's Business Fair!
This year's fair is now full! Please follow AZCBF on Facebook for updates and join us on April 1st to support these young entrepreneurs: https://www.facebook.com/azchildrensbusinessfair/
Entrepreneur's parent or guardian full name*

Parent or guardian phone number (mobile preferred)*

Young entrepreneur's full name* *

Will they have any siblings, family members or friends that will join them?*

Name(s) of additional young entrepreneurs (if applicable)

Will you need electricity?* Be certain of your requirements (ask your parents!)  There will be a limited availability of 120v outlets.

What is the name of the product(s) or service(s) you plan to sell at the fair?*

Please describe your product or service in a little more detail.

Have you sold this product or service before?

We will be having a "Pitch Night" to answer any questions and allow the young entrepreneurs to practice and prepare for the fair. Do you plan to attend "Pitch Night"?
When: Thursday, March 9th 6pm-8pm 
Where: Galvanizee
515 E. Grant
Phoenix, AZ 85004 
Dinner will be provided!  

Thank you for registering for the April 1, 2017 AZ Children's Business Fair in Downtown Phoenix!

You'll be receiving a series of emails with next steps.  Stay tuned!!
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